Friday, April 13, 2012

Contest Time!

Welcome to my first ever contest!

I took a picture of my cutie at the zoo this week, and these fish snuck into the picture and gave me an idea for a contest.

All you have to do, is write the captions for the fish in the following picture:

For consistency, let's call the fish on the left, Moe, and the fish on the right, Lippy. Best voice and humour wins.

Up for grabs is a critique on either your query letter, or the first three pages of your manuscript- your pick.
Contest closes April 20th at 9pm MST.



  1. Take two:

    Moe's line.

    Wooo Woooo

    People keep talking about me baby
    They say I'm doin' you wrong
    Well don't you worry, don't worry, no don't worry mama
    Cause I'm right here at home

    Lippy's line:

    People talk about me, baby
    Say I'm doin' you wrong, doin' you wrong
    Well, don't you worry baby
    Don't worry
    Cause I'm right here, right here, right here, right here at home

    Source: The STEVE MILLER BAND "Joker"

    This is more than a caption but since I love this song, I thought when two fish are hanging around they'll sing a good song, unbeknownst to humans.

  2. Lippy:

    Eh, Moe? I'm kinda nervous. That kid's standing a bit too close to the glass. What if he falls back and c-cracks it?


    Who cares, we're already swimmin' with the fishes.

  3. Moe: Oh my GOD, I'm so embarrassed. Look at the state of this place, algae everywhere!
    Lippy: Just shut up and smile.
    Moe: I hate it when you smile like that.
    Lippy: Like what?
    Moe: Like you're trying to be Angelfish Jolie. Tuck your lips in, you look like a slapper!

  4. HAHA! Feaky, you just made me laugh out loud!

  5. Fish 1: "Hey Merl, check it out. That lady's gonna snap a picture of her kid. You wanna?

    Fish 2: "Why not? I can check out the other side of the tank later. Ready?

    Fish 1 & 2: "One, Two, Three...PHOTO BOMB!"

  6. Winner is.... Feaky Snucker! Thanks to all who entered.